Posted on Feb 27, 2021

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Temp Workers And Casual Labour

A temp labourer does manual work that requires high physical strength to construct buildings or structures.
Temp Labourers are employed to perform manual, physical work, for example digging trenches, laying foundations, building walls, plastering and fitting windows. The work is mainly done outdoors so it is a very male dominated environment. Sometimes the nature of the job can be physically dangerous thus one need to take all the safety precautions.

What does a temp labourer do?
 Dig pits and trenches and prepare solid foundations for job site construction
 Set up and make sure if the job sites are clean and clear without obstacles and hazards
 Lift heavy loads and navigate construction job site terrain
 Climb to heights and conduct work with proper safety rules followed
 Operate heavy machinery, including construction vehicles
 Direct traffic to keep the pedestrians, motorists and work crew safe
 Back-fill trenches and pits when necessary and clean up the job site
 Perform general maintenance of construction equipments and vehicles

Benefits of Temporary Work
 It provides flexibility in an unstable economy
 It gives your company access to new skills
 It saves you money
 It can lead to meaningful hires
 It can boost morale

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